Beginner’s Guide to Meditation – 2024


Do you want to learn meditation, do you practice it but fail all the time, do you focus during meditation but you get distracted? These things happen with all of us while performing meditation. Meditation is not just a thing where you sit on a chair or floor or on anything and close your eyes and start meditating. It requires tons of practice and you should also know the basic things about it.  One can join 7 days meditation retreat for learning meditation and its basics.

In this blog we will discuss it and also understand what meditation is and what its advantages and how it is performed.

Understanding Meditation

Understanding Meditation

Most of us believe that meditation is just simply closing eyes and sitting in a peaceful surrounding, no it’s not like that. Meditation is believed to be one of the powerful things to control our mind which always runs here and there. By practicing and by mastering meditation you can control all your emotions and feelings of yours. 

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Physical Well-being

It is a myth that meditation is for the mind only, well that’s not true, it is also beneficial for your body too. Scientific studies show that if you meditate daily you will feel less stressed out and will have better sleep which will result in your overall physical well being. It will also reduce your blood pressure and also provide you with a glowing face. Mediation’s connection is with your mind and body, making your mind relax will automatically boost your full-body.

Mental Clarity

One of the main reasons for beginners to do meditation is for mental clarity. Through meditation, individuals can experience great focus, less anxiety, and an overall improvement of emotional well-being. Mediation means controlling your mind and senses and using it in your own way for making your life better.  It’s like a secret tool that makes your mind less busy and more calm. So, when life gets a bit tricky, meditation is there to help you think clearly and feel better inside.

Getting Started

Creating the Right Environment

It is very important to find a peaceful location for doing meditations especially when you are a beginner because it will help you to focus your mind without any external disturbances. 

Well, for meditation, it’s like creating a cozy space in a room. Maybe add soft lights or play some calming music to make it extra nice. It’s like making a special place where your mind can relax and be happy. So, before you start meditating, make your space feel warm.

And if you want to learn meditation apart from your home then you can also join a meditation retreat in Bali with us.

Timing Is Key

Choose a time for doing meditation whether it is early morning or evening. But you have to be consistent and be regular to perform meditation and at the same time. When you do it at the same time every day, meditation becomes like a friendly routine, making your day better and happier. So, find your favorite time and make it a cool habit.

Posture and Comfort

It is very important to sit comfortably whether on a cushion or a chair, keeping your spine straight. Sit in a way that feels comfortable. Let your hands chill on your lap, and close your eyes softly. 

Sitting comfortably and other small things make a huge impact in meditation, this helps you to meditate with great focus. 

Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques

When you start meditating, a big part is about paying attention to your breathing – you know, the in and out of air. It’s like noticing how you breathe when you’re feeling super calm. Try different ways of breathing, like filling your belly with air or trying the 4-7-8 trick. 

Now the question arises what is 4-7-8 trick:-

Imagine it as a little breathing trick to help your mind relax. Here’s how it works:

  1. Breathe in quietly through your nose for a count of 4 seconds

  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds

  3. Exhale completely and audibly through your mouth for 8 seconds.


Starting meditation is like giving yourself a special present. If you’re just beginning, try out different ways of meditating, enjoy how it helps your body and mind, and make it a regular thing. It’s like going on an adventure to find your calm and happy self.

Remember, it all begins with just one breath. And the cool thing about meditation is that it’s your own journey. So, find a quiet spot, take a nice deep breath, and let meditation help you become a more relaxed and centered you. 

Always feel comfortable before meditating for great focus. 

Beginners who are great enthusiasts of meditation and yoga can also join the 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program or 7 days meditation retreat which is very helpful for all the enthusiasts.

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