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Term And Conditions

Enrollment and Participation:

Participants must be at least 15 years of age to enroll in our Yoga Teacher Training program.

Participants should have a genuine interest in learning and practicing yoga, and a commitment to attending all classes, workshops, and sessions.

Bali Vinyasa Yoga School reserves the right to assess the participant's physical and mental suitability for the training and may decline admission if it's deemed that the participant's health or well-being could be at risk.

Code of Conduct:

All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner throughout the duration of the training program. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards instructors, staff, fellow participants, or local community members will not be tolerated.

Consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs, or any intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited during the training.

Participants are required to maintain a clean and hygienic appearance and wear appropriate attire during all training sessions.

Health and Safety:

Participants must inform Bali Vinyasa Yoga School of any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, allergies, or other health concerns before the training begins.

It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that they are physically and mentally fit to engage in the training program. Bali Vinyasa Yoga School is not liable for any injuries or health issues that may arise during or after the training.

Participants are encouraged to respect their own body's limitations and practice yoga mindfully. Pushing beyond one's capabilities and risking injury is discouraged.

Intellectual Property:

All course materials, including manuals, handouts, videos, and other resources, provided by Bali Vinyasa Yoga School are intended for personal use only. Participants are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or share these materials without explicit permission.

Certification Requirements:

Successful completion of the Yoga Teacher Training program is subject to meeting all course requirements, including attendance, participation, assessments, and examinations.

Participants must complete the required coursework and fulfill any practical teaching assignments to be eligible for certification.

Accommodation and Food:

The training fee includes accommodation and meals as specified in the package. Participants are responsible for adhering to the accommodation guidelines and respecting other residents.

Special dietary requirements or allergies should be communicated to Bali Vinyasa Yoga School in advance. While efforts will be made to accommodate these, no guarantee can be provided.

Photography and Media:

Bali Vinyasa Yoga School may capture photos, videos, or recordings during the training for promotional and informational purposes. Participants who do not wish to be featured in these materials should inform the staff in writing.

Cancellation, Transfer, and Refund Policy:

Training fees are non-refundable once the participant joins the course. The initial enrollment fee is also non-refundable, but it allows for transfer to another month's course within 1 year of enrollment validity.

Transfer to another month's course is only possible once, with a written notice provided at least 45 days in advance from the Day of Registration.

Requests for cancellation or transfer to another month will not be accepted within 45 days before the course start date.

No refunds or transfers will be accepted within 45 days of the course start date due to sickness, travel, or unavoidable circumstances.

In case of cancellation for any reason or a no-show, the deposited amount will be forfeited. A second request for transferring to another month's course will not be considered.


Bali Vinyasa Yoga School reserves the right to modify or amend any of these terms and conditions at its discretion without prior notice.

By enrolling in the Yoga Teacher Training program at Bali Vinyasa Yoga School, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. 

Failure to comply with these terms may result in the participant's dismissal from the program without refund. It is recommended to review the terms periodically to stay updated on any changes.

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